Boat Classes

Sound Rowers recognizes a variety of boat classifications. The categories below identifiy the most common participants in our races, but participants are not limited to this list – all human powered craft are welcome. Do note however, that some races may have constraints on either the size of the boat (for races with tight or congested turns), the suitability of craft to conditions (most races are NOT appropriate for flatwater or Olympic style sprint boats), or speed of craft (longer races may require an early start for slower craft, or not allow). Please check the individual race pages and with the individual race directors if you have any questions.

Awards are distributed to top finishes in class by gender. There are no special distinctions by age or weight.

Rowing Classifications

Open Water Rowing classes are based on boat length: 19′ and under: OW-I; 19-21′, inclusive: OW-II; over 21′: OW-III.

Examples of Open Water shells:
Open Water I (<19′) Open Water II (19-21′) Open Water III (>21′)
Alden 16 Alden Martin Bay 24
Alden Horizen 17 Alden Star (20′ 8″) Echo Rowing: Ace (24′)
Echo Rowing: Echo (18′) Bay 21 (21′ 3″) Little River Pro Am (25′ 2″)
Peinert Zephyr (19′) Drew Harrison Water Jogger (20′ 3″) Maas 24 (24′)
Wayland Marine: Merry Shell Little River Cambridge (20′ 11″) Maas Flyweight
Wayland Marine: Merry Wherry Maas Aero (21′ 3″) Owen Timeaus (24′ 2″)
Wayland Marine: Verry Merry Peinert Dolphin (24′)
Wayland Marine: Sea Ranger

Sprint/Flatwater shell categories are based on number of rowers: 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4+ or 4-, 8+, 8x+; participation may be constrained by conditions.
Positive floatation required.

Traditional Rowing Craft Classifications

Fixed seat, gunwale mounted riggers: FS 1x, FS 2x, etc.

Sliding seat, gunwale mounted riggers: SS 1x, SS 2x, etc.

External riggers – placed in the OW categories above as based on length

Canoe Classifications

Traditional single: C1, double: C2

Marathon Canoe: Marathon C1, Marathon C2

Outrigger: OC1, OC2, OC6

Olympic Flatwater Canoe: OFW C1, OFW C2, OFW C4; participation may be constrained by conditions.
Positive floatation required.

Dragon Boat

Pedal Craft

Paddle Boards – SUP Classifications

Based on length. Stock (12’6″ and under), 14‘(12’6″-14’) and UL (unlimited).

Paddle Boards – Prone Classifications

Based on length. Stock (12′ and under), 14‘ (12-14’) and UL (unlimited).

Stock and 14′ allowed fixed fins only; UL allowed rudders.

Kayak Classifications

Kayak classes are based on waterline length to width ratio.

Single kayaks: those boats with a L:W ratio less than 9.25:1 are in the Sea Kayak class (SK); between 9.25:1 to 10.99:1 are in the Fast Sea Kayak class (FSK); greater than 10.99:1 are in the High Performance Kayak class (HPK).

Double kayaks: those boats with a L:W ratio less than 10:1 are in the double Sea Kayak class (SK2); between 10:1 and 13:1 are in the double Fast Sea Kayak class (FSK2); greater than 13:1 are in the double High Performance class (HPK2).

Sprint/Olympic flat water boats are based on number of paddlers: K1, K2, K4. Participation may be constrained by conditions.
Positive floatation required.

Below is a partial list of sea kayaks by manufacturer with their L:W ratio and respective class. Note that not *all* boats are listed, as new boats are developed and brought to market at an ever increasing pace. These are boats that have either been personally measured, or had complete waterline specifications published by the manufacturer or Sea Kayak magazine. Check our article on classification methods to see how this is done.

Manufacturer Model L/W ratio Race Classification
_ANY_ Down River Racer HPK
_ANY_ ICF Sprint and Marathon boats HPK
Action Fish Empire Fly 7.9 SK
AquaDynamic Thelon 17 8.2 SK
Aquaterra Chinook 7.9 SK
Aquaterra Scimitar 8.4 SK
Aquaterra Sea Lion 8.3 SK
Azul Kayaks Aspen 8.8 SK
Azul Kayaks Sultan 9.4 FSK
Bear Mountain Boat Ship Enterprise 8.3 SK
Bergans Ally Folding Sea Touring Kayak 10.1 FSK
Billington Sea Kayak Surge 8.28 SK
Boreal Designs Alvik 8.3 SK
Boreal Designs Ellesmere 9 SK
Boreal Designs Fjord 8.3 SK
Boreal Designs Inukshuk 8.1 SK
Boreal Designs Muktuk 8.2 SK
Boreal Designs Narwhal 8.2 SK
Chesapeake Lt. Craft Chesapeake 16 8.6 SK
Chesapeake Lt. Craft Chesapeake 17 8.8 SK
Chesapeake Lt. Craft Shearwater 17 8.8 SK
Cobra Cobra Expedition 8.5 SK
Current Designs Altura 6.2 SK
Current Designs Andromeda 8.3 SK
Current Designs Breeze 6.5 SK
Current Designs Caribou 8.5 SK
Current Designs Expedition 9.7 FSK
Current Designs Extreme 9.5 FSK
Current Designs Freedom 9.8 FSK
Current Designs Gulfstream 8.5 SK
Current Designs Kestrel 140 6.2 SK
Current Designs Pachena 6.9 SK
Current Designs Piceses 8.6 SK
Current Designs Raven 7.3 SK
Current Designs Slipstream 8.1 SK
Current Designs Solstice GT & ST 8.5 SK
Current Designs Solstice SS 9 SK
Current Designs Speedster HPK
Current Designs Squamish 7.3 SK
Current Designs Storm 7.9 SK
Current Designs Stratus 18 9.8 FSK
Current Designs Vision 130 6.5 SK
Current Designs Vision 140 7 SK
Current Designs Vision 150 7.3 SK
Current Designs Whistler 7 SK
Dagger Baja 8.4 SK
Dagger Cortez 16.5 8.3 SK
Dagger Magellen 8.1 SK
Dagger Meridian 7.8 SK
Dagger Seeker 8.2 SK
Dagger Sitka 9.3 FSK
Destiny Aquila <8.5 SK
Destiny Deception 8.8 SK
Destiny Defiance 8.7 SK
Destiny Kiska <8.8 SK
Dirigo Dirigo <8.5 SK
Dragonworks Islander 8.9 SK
Easy Rider Dolphin 7.7 SK
Easy Rider Eskimo 15 <8.4 SK
Easy Rider Eskimo 16 <8.4 SK
Easy Rider Eskimo 17 8.4 SK
Easy Rider Eskimo 18.6 8.7 SK
Easy Rider Harpoon 19 10.5 FSK
Easy Rider Sea Hawk 8.4 SK
Eddyline Calypso 9 SK
Eddyline Falcon (16′) 8.7 SK
Eddyline Falcon (18′) 9.7 FSK
Eddyline Fathom 8.5 SK
Eddyline Heron 10.7 FSK
Eddyline Merlin <8.0 SK
Eddyline Nighthawk 8.5 SK
Eddyline Orca 8.2 SK
Eddyline Raven 8.3 SK
Eddyline Sea Star 9.7 FSK
Eddyline Skimmer <7.0 SK
Eddyline Skylark 5.3 SK
Eddyline Wind Dancer 8.5 SK
Eddyline Zephyr 8 SK
Epic 18x HPK
Epic 18x Sport FSK
Epic Recreational GP 6.1 SK
Epic Touring Cruiser 16 <8.8 SK
Epic V6 SK
Epic Touring Endurance 18 10.5 FSK
Epic V7/V8 FSK
Epic V10/V10L/V10 Sport HPK
Epic V12 HPK
Epic V14 HPK
Feathercraft K1 Expedition 8.1 SK
Feathercraft Khatsalano S 9 SK
Folbot Folding K any as single <8.0 SK
Folding Craft 500 EX 7.5 SK
Futura Carrera <13.7 HPK
Futura Futura <8.0 SK
Futura Futura II <12.3 HPK
Futura Futura TR <14.4 HPK
Georgn. Bay Folding Kayak any as single SK
Heritage Expedition LP 8.4 SK
Heritage Nomad 8.2 SK
Hoby Cat Quest 5.5 SK
Hody Sport TK-1 10.9 FSK
HopOnTop HopOnTop 6.8 SK
Huki Huki S1-A HPK
Huki Huki S1-X/S1-X Special 15.5 HPK
Huki Huki S1-R 15.5 HPK
Hutchinson Design Baidarka Explorer 8.7 SK
Hutchinson Design Islander <9.0 SK
Hutchinson Design Umnak <8.4 SK
HydrTufLite Sea Runner 8.2 SK
HydrTufLite Venture <8.3 SK
Impex Kayak Force Cat 4 9.7 FSK
Impex Kayak Force Category 5 9.15 SK
Innova Kayaks Seaker 1 6.3 SK
JKK Kayaks Supernova 11.8 HPK
JKK Kayaks Total Eclipse 11.8 HPK
JKK Kayaks U2 11.5 HPK
Kajak Sport Artisan Millenium 8.8 SK
Kajak Sport Avalon Viviane 9.9 FSK
Kajak Sport Infinity Active 7.3 SK
Kajak Sport Viking Expedition 8.4 SK
Kirton Kayaks Inuk 10.6 FSK
Kiwi Kayak any as single <7.0 SK
Klepper Folding Kayaks any as single <7.0 SK
Mad River Monarch 7.7 SK
Mariner Coaster 7.4 SK
Mariner Elan 8.4 SK
Mariner Escape 8.9 SK
Mariner Express 8.9 SK
Mariner Mariner 10.7 FSK
Mariner Mariner II 10.2 FSK
Mariner Mariner XL 8.8 SK
Mariner MAX 8.3 SK
Momentum Yacht Design Loki R 9.1 SK
Momentum Yacht Design Loki Sea Race 13.6 HPK
Mont Bell Ellsmere 350 8.5 SK
Natural Design Polaris 8.6 SK
Nautirad Greenlander 16 7.9 SK
Necky Alsek <7.0 SK
Necky Arluk I 11.5 HPK
Necky Arluk II/1.8/1.9 9.9 FSK
Necky Arluk III 8.7 SK
Necky Arluk IV 7.3 SK
Necky Chatham 16 7.4 SK
Necky Elaho 7.5 SK
Necky Eliza 8.1 SK
Necky Kyook <7.7 SK
Necky Looksha II 10.6 FSK
Necky Looksha IV <8.9 SK
Necky Looksha V 8.1 SK
Necky Nootka 7.7 SK
Necky Phantom 13 HPK
Necky Telsa <8.5 SK
Necky Tornak <8.5 SK
Nelo FW 2000 14.5 HPK
Nigel Dennis Romany Explorer 8.2 SK
Nimbus Horizon <8.7 SK
Nimbus Lootas 8.3 SK
Nimbus Puffin 8.5 SK
Nimbus Solander 8.4 SK
Nimbus Sprint 10.3 FSK
Nimbus Zoom 9.23 SK
Novus Composites NC 15 <8.0 SK
Novus Composites NC 17 8.3 SK
Novus Composites NC 19 9.1 SK
NW Kayak Cadence 8.8 SK
NW Kayak Esprit 8.7 SK
NW Kayak Sportee <8.0 SK
NW Kayak Synergy 8.3 SK
NW Kayaks Discovery 8.9 SK
NW Kayaks Pursuit 8.9 SK
Ocean Kayak Manta 6.1 SK
Ocean Kayak Pro S1 109 4.8 SK
Ocean Kayak Scrambler <7.0 SK
Ocean Kayak Scupper 7.5 SK
Ocean Kayak Sprinter 10.4 FSK
Old Town Canoe Egret 7.8 SK
Old Town Canoe Millenium 8.8 SK
P&H Bahiya 8.6 SK
P&H Capella 7.7 SK
P&H Iona <8.5 SK
P&H Orion <8.5 SK
P&H Quest 8.4 SK
P&H Sirius 8.5 SK
Pakboats Puffin Swift 6.8 SK
Perception Avatar 16 7.8 SK
Perception Carolina 7.9 SK
Perception Eclipse 8.6 SK
Perception Sonoma 13.5 6.8 SK
Perception Vizcaya 8.1 SK
Prijon Arctic Tern 14 6.8 SK
Prijon Barracuda 9.1 SK
Prijon Cabalara 6.5 SK
Prijon Kodiak 8.5 SK
Prijon Odysee 7.8 SK
Prijon Seayak 7.6 SK
Prijon Touryak 7.3 SK
Prijon Yukon Eskie 8.4 SK
Pt. 65º North K1 R 8.6 SK
Pt. 65º North K1 VR 8.9 SK
Pt. 65º North K1 XP 10 FSK
Pt. 65º North KIR 8.8 SK
Pt. 65º North X Lite 8.4 SK
PWS Avocet 8.6 SK
PWS Intrepid 8.3 SK
PWS Osprey 9.4 FSK
PWS Sea Otter 7.9 SK
PWS Seal 10.8 FSK
PWS Thunderbird 7.8 SK
PWS Widgeon 7.9 SK
Pygmy Arctic Tern 8.3 SK
Pygmy Arctic Tern 14 7 SK
Pygmy Coho 8.6 SK
Pygmy Goldeneye 8.5 SK
Pyranha Orca 6.8 SK
QCC Kayaks Q300 <8.8 SK
QCC Kayaks Q400 <8.8 SK
QCC Kayaks Q500x 8.8 SK
QCC Kayaks Q600x 9.7 FSK
QCC Kayaks Q700x 10.3 FSK
Rainforest Designs Kap Farvel 8.1 SK
Rainforest Designs Telkwa 8.3 SK
REI (?) Marlin (on top) 7.7 SK
Riot Kayak Tourlite 15 6.8 SK
Seafarer Solander 8.6 SK
Seafarer Sprint 10.4 FSK
Seavivor Folding Kayak Greenland Solo 9.8 FSK
Seaward 2005 Tyee 8.1 SK
Seaward Chilco 9.5 FSK
Seaward Discover Aurora 7.7 SK
Seaward Endeavor 8.7 SK
Seaward Navigator 8.3 SK
Seaward Quantum 8.8 SK
Seaworthy Design Enetai 9 SK
Seda Glider 10.8 FSK
Seda Gypsy 7.5 SK
Seda Ikkuma 17 8 SK
Seda Impulse 10.4 FSK
Seda Starlet 8.2 SK
Seda Swift 8.6 SK
Seda Viking 8.4 SK
Seward Chilco 9.4 FSK
Seward Quest 9.4 FSK
Sisson Evolution >12.0 HPK
Skim Kayaks Dex 9 SK
Skim Kayaks Distance 9.8 FSK
Southern Exposure Legend 9.5 FSK
Southern Exposure Reiver 9 SK
Think Evo HPK
Think Fit FSK
Think Legend HPK
Think Uno HPK
Third Rock Kayak Espresso 8.4 SK
TRAK T-1600 9 SK
Triton Ladoga 1 7.2 SK
Twogood Chalupski 13 HPK
Twogood Mako HPK
Twogood Phoenix 11.3 HPK
Valhalla Valhalla 12.3 HPK
Valhalla Victory 13 HPK
Valley Canoe Aquanaut 8.8 SK
Valley Canoe Aquanaut RM 8.2 SK
Valley Canoe Avocet 7.9 SK
Valley Canoe Nordkapp 9.4 FSK
Valley Canoe Nordkapp H20 8.7 SK
Valley Canoe Nordkapp LV 8.7 SK
Valley Canoe Petrel <7.6 SK
Valley Canoe Selkie <8.6 SK
Valley Canoe Skerray 8.6 SK
Valley Canoe Skerray XL 8.9 SK
Valley Sea Kayak Rapier 20 13.8 HPK
Venturesport Black Marlin <13.7 HPK
Venturesport Eclipse <13.5 HPK
Venturesport Elan Crosstrainer <14.6 HPK
Venturesport Shearwater <13.6 HPK
Venturesport Vector <12.3 HPK
Venturesport Venture 7.6 SK
Venturesport Vintage >8.0 SK
Venure Kayak Ayr 16.5 8.5 SK
Walden Vista <8.0 SK
Waldon Vision 6.6 SK
Westside Boat Wave Piercer 11.6 HPK
Westside Boat Wave XL/Ultra 15.7 HPK
Westside Boat X Par EFT 14 HPK
Westside Boat X Par Missile 18.9 HPK
Wilderness Systems Alto <8.7 SK
Wilderness Systems Arctic Hawk 9.4 FSK
Wilderness Systems Cape Horn 17 8.8 SK
Wilderness Systems Epic 9.7 FSK
Wilderness Systems Seacret <8.0 SK
Wilderness Systems Sealution 8.1 SK
Wilderness Systems Sealution SS/II 8.1 SK
Wilderness Systems Sealution XL 8.8 SK
Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 Pro 8.6 SK