Elk River Challenge

race mapStart : Saturday July 23, 2022 12 Noon
Level: 2
Distance: Short course 3mi, Long course 7+mi. (course map / route TBD)
Registration: TBA
Meeting: Pre-race meeting at TBA
Director : Jon Harwood
Phone: 360.589.7000

Getting to the Start

Start and finish will be at Brady’s Oysters.

From Aberdeen, follow the Westport Hwy (105) to the Bay City bridge (about 15 miles). Take the first right and follow the road to the shore.
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Race Registration


Race Course

Even if you’ve been here all 23 years of this race, it will still be fresh because the course changes every year.

Start and finish will be at Brady’s Oysters.


2018’s Elk River race course was an extreme navigational challenge! The new course not only took physical fortitude, but also mental acuity. Following a serpentine route through the upper estuary and duck hunter’s paradise*, your mind (but hopefully not your boat) may be mired by the beauty and challenge of the back country. Beware that you may encounter jumping fish, elk, deer, bear, shallow water, weeds, mud, and evidence of the 1700 tsunami! (May not be suitable for 8-man rowing shells. Marginally more challenging for the 8+ & 8X rowing shells. You must be in tune with nature and have the mental toughness to complete this marvelous (stupendous, adventurous) event. Be there, accept the challenge, and enjoy a free oysters afterwards.

Course Record

Because of frequent course changes over the years, there is no course record to compare year to year.

Entry Fees

$15 per person / $10 if pre-registered

Post Race

Grilled oysters and perhaps some other seafood (clam chowder or grilled tuna?) after the race. If possible, awards will be given in person after the race. Ribbons awarded for 1st-3rd by category.

Camping and Lodging

Free camping nearby at the Heikkila’s. Email or text for their phone number.

All events / plans are contingent upon Washington state COVID restrictions for outdoor activities. Please get vaccinated if you can.