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Racing is back!

Racing is on again in 2021. We will run events adhering to both the letter and spirit of the State’s reopening restrictions. There may also be local parks, county, city restrictions which will also apply.

It is the intent of the Sound Rowers board to cancel events on an individual basis, if required. Mask wearing is required indoors. Any size team boats are allowed. All racers in team boats should take all reasonable precautions against spreading the Covid-19 virus among members of the team boat.

For more details, see our 2021 updated safety procedures for Sound Rowers amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can also see race results for previous years or our race photography.

Sound Rowers Open Water Rowing and Paddling Club is a volunteer organization conducting open water races for world class and weekend athletes in any sea-worthy human powered water-craft. We sponsor races for kayaks, surf skis, rowing shells, rowboats, canoes, pedal boats and more throughout Puget Sound. There are more than a dozen different racing classes for all levels of competition, from recreational paddlers to Olympic athletes. Nonmembers are welcome to participate – all you need is a boat, a paddle, a PFD and whistle (required) and a nominal entry fee.

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