Live Zoom Race

Sound Rowers Live Zoom Races



This is an open water race, for any human-powered craft. Entry is free, to Sound Rowers members, and non-members.

  1. A Zoom link will appear in the Google signup sheet, before the race.
  2. The race is for the period of exactly 1 hour, determined by how far you go. Alternatively, you can just cruise, and mark your entry without a distance.
  3. Wear a mask whilst on land, before and after racing.
  4. You can select your own race course, any open water, but the course must be a loop, or out-and-back. You must finish more or less where you start (within 1Km of your start location). Tidal water is OK.
  5. Use your smartphone (ideally perhaps in a waterproof case) to log into the Zoom call, and the start will be a verbal “Go”.
  6. After exactly one hour, “Stop” will be called, and record your distance, ideally using GPS. If you lose the signal, just stop after an hour and record your distance.
  7. Write up your distance, comments, race course, etc., in the Google sign up sheet.
  8. Digital ribbons will be sent to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each class. Normal Sound Rowers classes apply.

Hope to see you there!

Previous Race Results:

Oct 3, 2020

Oct 17, 2020

Oct 31, 2020