Posting Old-School Results to Webscorer

Courtesy of Jeff Wong

For anyone who wants to undertake this complex-but-possible task and relieve the webmaster of the toil, I present a rough summary of the process I undertook, using a windows 10 PC.

  • Download racer list from Organizers>My registrations>click on the race you want> Download registrations>Excel XLS file.
  • Open in OpenOffice Excel or other compatible spreadsheet
  • Ensure that you have at a minimum these first row column headings: Name, Distance, Category, Time, Gender.
  • Delete all(?) other columns–Webscorer likely ignores them even if you don’t.
  • Add day-of-race competitors & data, fill in race times.
  • Delete rows containing racers that didn’t show up.
  • Select/highlight the column heading & data (Don’t “Select All”)
  • Click Copy (to clipboard)
  • Open Notepad (not sure what Mac users have)
  • Paste to Notepad (check that the entries are tab delimited), save.
  • Organizers>My results>Post results from file>click Browse & select file you just saved>click “Open”> click Upload
  • Under Race info: Fill in Race name field , click Pinpoint map location (green button) , Fill in Race date, race time, Sport type (Paddling), Start type (Mass or Wave)
  • Click Post results button (green with black check mark) on the upper right of the page.