Equipment Inventory

Race equipment is transferred between race directors after each race. Before your race, work with the Director of the prior race to pick up the needed gear.

1 iPad in protective case for registration/timing/posting results. Includes padded pouch, keyboard, spare batteries for keyboard, A/C and data cords.
1 Danforth anchor with nylon line and chain
3 Folding anchors
4 Anchor chains plus ropes
1 Red canvas CampInn gear bag
1 Orange inflatable bouy labelled BEMA Swim Aid
2 Orange inflatable bouys labelled Meyers Rum, assorted nylon and hemp lines
1 10x10 folding shelter
2 VHF radios, plus one charger
2 Airhorns and bottles
1 Large brass bell
1 Binoculars, plus set of waterproof monoscopes (once binoculars)
1 Plastic case with dark blue folding lids - contains bell, air horn, binoculars, monoscopes
1 Suitcase of race numbers (1-95, plus some 100+)
1 Sound Rowers banner
12(?) Stormy Seas PFDs

Last Updated: 3/27/2014