Sausage Pull

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Race: Cancelled

Update: Since this event is based out of a city park SPD Harbor Patrol have required a parks permit. Because the race traverses different jurisdictions, including the waterway of Lake Washington, it technically requires a special use permit, which is subject to review by the SPD Harbor Patrol. Due to an unfortunate incident with a dragon boat a few years ago, the SPD has the race on their radar and, upon review, determined the event requires a patrol boat assigned at a cost of over $200 per hour. The additional costs total nearly $2000. The last minute fees make it infeasible to run the race this year and the race has been cancelled.
There are options to consider, such as dramatically increasing the entry fee, some sort of sponsorship, or basing the race out of a private venue. These will certainly be considered looking forward but for now the race is off.

Long 10:00 AM (SUP 9:30 AM) / Short 10:30 AM
Level: 2-3
Distance: 6.5/14.3mi
Meeting: TBA
Director : Beverly/Rainer Storb

Getting to the Start

The race starts at Mt. Baker Beach Park. If you come on I-5 north or south, take the WA State Rt. 520 exit (WA520) and, from WA520, the University of Washington exit. At first red light, go straight crossing Montlake Blvd. onto Lake Washington Blvd. Follow Lake Washington Blvd. through the Arboretum, cross Madison St. at next red light, meander to Lake Washington, and then go south until ~1/4 mi. past the I-90 Bridge. Parking: At the beach, 200 yards north of the beach, along Lake Park Drive S (angling off Lake Washington Blvd.), and up the road in Coleman Park. Trailer parking is available a little further south at the Stan Sayers Pits (site of Seafair hydroplane racing).

Race Registration


Race Course

Long Course: Mercer Island counterclockwise. Options for home stretch: south winds: north of I-90 floating bridge; north winds: stay south.

Short Course: South hugging east shore of Seward Park. Make counterclockwise 180° around orange buoy at southeast corner. Returning boats stay off shore to avoid collisions.

Course Records

Long Course: Josh Proctor and Tyler Peterson, 1:36:18 in 2009 in a 2x.

Short Course: KC Deitz and Jeff Knakal, 48:27 in 2009 in a OW-2x.

Course Records (old course from Medina)

Long Course: Richard Tarbell and Greg Spooner, 1:36:12 in 2005 in a 2x.

Short Course: Josh Proctor, 44:49 in 2008 in a 1x.

Entry Fees



Ribbons awarded for 1st-3rd by category.

Post Race