Lake Samish Salmon Row

race map
Start: September 19, 2020
10:00 AM
Level: 1-2
Distance: 5.5mi
Meeting: 9:20 AM
Director: Steve Scoggins
Phone: 360.685.3702

Getting to the Start

From North or South I-5 take Exit 246 and follow signs to Lake Samish.

Race Registration

Online registration is encouraged, helps out on race day, but doesn’t commit you to racing.

Click here to register

Race Course

The 6 mile course starts and ends at Lutherwood Camp, and is arranged so that spectators will have one of the best opportunities of the season to watch the race.

The start will be next to the launch-finish area in the “pond”, so getting to the bridge in good position will be important. There will be a no pass zone leading up to the bridge, monitored by a coach with a bull horn. Also, we’re going to have lots of rowers, (with some 8’s 4’s etc) so the rowers will have a separate start.

Course Record

Original Course (6mi, pre 2005): Matt Biery & Max Chickering, 2003, 39:05 in a 2x.

Second Course (5.5mi, 2005-2011): Evan Jacobs & Tyler Peterson, 2008, 34:44.791 in a 2x.

Current Course (6 mi,, post 2011): Hans Struzyna, 2012, 42:08.04 in a 1x.

Entry Fees

SR members: $20 per person.
Nonmembers: $30 per person.

Entry fee includes free high-quality race t-shirt for the first 140 registered racers, and delicious salmon BBQ lunch following the race.


  • Ribbons awarded for 1st-3rd by category
  • Masters categories for divisions with three or more racers ages 45 and up
  • Special prizes for the top finishers in the four fastest categories

Race Day Logistics


If you are planning on bringing a trailer, please arrive as early as possible. Please let me know if you are planning on a trailer, and we will reserve space for you. You are welcome to bring your trailer on friday anytime after 3pm

For the rest of us
There is a boat staging area at the entrance to the camp. If you choose to drop your boat there, do it quickly and then promptly move your vehicle. Do not set up your rigging until after you have parked. There is going to be about enough space for 6-8 cars to unload at once. If you have smaller boat, or a lighter boat, consider just going straight to the parking area and walking your boat to the lakeshore. Other options…….you are welcome to drop your boat off on Friday any time after 3pm.

There will be volunteer parking bosses there to help unload if you need help. Their main job is to keep the traffic flowing.


Parking is limited. There will be signs posted on where NOT to park. If at all possible, please consider carpooling when available. I understand that we all like our own space, our own car, our own everything, and I am one of the worst regarding this…..but seriously, carpool if you can.


Registration will open at 7:30 am and close at 9:00am. It will be inside the dining hall. Registration will not be outside, will not be under a tent. If you are not going into a building, you are in the wrong place. Please come with payment.


We ordered more than the 140 shirts promised…but…if you didn’t register two weeks prior to the race, size preference is not guaranteed. We have over 140 racers attending, so those who registered late are not guaranteed a shirt. We will do our best to accommodate. If you do not receive the size you prefer, there will be a notebook at the registration table to write your name down, what shirt you have, and what shirt you wish you had. If you registered late and want to write down your name for a potential follow up order, please write your name in the notebook. No promises though.


There will be a safety meeting at 9:30 am. Conditions will be discussed. This race will run almost regardless of conditions. In the event of crazy conditions, we may offer an alternate course. If you are not 100% confident in your abilities, DO NOT RACE, and enjoy your t-shirt and meal. We have safety boats, but we really don’t want them to do any work aside from driving a boat around the lake.


The race will have three waves. 1st wave,all Rowers, 2nd wave, doubles, 3rd wave, singles. If you need to start with a different wave, let us know before hand. If you do not make your wave start, do not panic, just wait for the next wave, and tell the timing official after the race that you were in a different wave. If for some reason you do not make the start line by the last wave, come talk to the start line and we will be able to adjust your time easier. There will be a short course/mini race going on for kids near the finish line. It will be marked with green buoys. Please do not enter that area for your cool down.


Please eat the food. Please pick up your trash. If you are mad at me, then I guess leave some garbage for me to pick up, because, in reality, if you leave trash around, I will be picking it up after everyone has left.


Please respect the property we are renting for the event. It is a perfect place to do this race and we want to be welcome for future years.

NO DOGS please…….please leave your lovely cuddly animal at home, it will just be easier for everyone. In reality, the rule is no dogs off leash, but I know we all want those four legged friends to run free. I love your dog, I really do, but I want to hang out with your dog somewhere else. Last year, this was the only complaint the camp director had for us.