Race Schedule

Races are rated according to difficulty; we encourage your safe participation. Please consider carefully your skill level and your current level of fitness as you choose your races.

  1. Protected water, shorter distances, all human powered craft welcome
  2. Intermediate, open water in part, potential wind and/or rough conditions
  3. Open water for long distances, strong currents, rough water expected; participation may be restricted

Please note that these levels are designated for the “normal” conditions encountered at any given venue. We are subject to the whims of mother nature, and conditions on race day may exceed the expected level; modifications to the race and requirements are at the discretion of the race director.

Sound Rowers 2020 Race Suspended

All 2020 races are suspended indefinitely.Memberships will be transferred to 2021. If conditions change, we will consider restarting races. If you have specific questions, contact us.  
La Conner2/6/2021 10 AM27 miKevin Olney360.220.0247