Time to paint your oars

My worst rowing ‘job’ is painting oars

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Director Douglas Lumsden

Regatta season is coming up here in Australia and in the Northern countries it’s head racing season.  My pet hate job out of everything I have done in rowing is painting oars.  You have to do it each year – there’s no gratitude and when it’s done you have to start it all over again. I’ve found a neat modern solution – decals – as the article below explains.

Legendary coaches don’t come as big as Mike Spracklen very often.  He has coached USA, Canada, Russia and Great Britain specialising in mens eights.  He just gave a fantastic interview to Martin Cross (last week) and so we share the video below. 

Lastly I hear that a new community rowing club is applying to start up in Sydney (Iron Cove).  There are so many great innovators leading the way to broaden access to rowing for more people.  If your club is renovating or expanding, read our Boathouse Redevelopment Guide.  It’s got the checklist you need to get started.

Enjoy your rowing!


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How to paint oars

It’s that time of year as regattas come up in the Southern Hemisphere – you want the club oars looking sharp and newly painted.  It’s an annual job.  And I loathe it with a vengeance.

One year my coach took our oars into a nearby hay field and sprayed them with car paint from an aerosol.  They didn’t dry and we ended up rowing with coloured dribbles down the oar spoons.  Not a good look.

If you want to do a “traditional paint job” on your oars – this article has resources explaining how to do it.

The “Modern” Way 

We found a company who has designed decals that fit all sculling and rowing oar designs.  They are a printing company and so you buy decals which you can use to wrap the oar spoons.  Just like wrapping a car with corporate logo.  And there’s also a video showing how to do it.

Oar painting challenge? – read the full article