Race to Alaska 2019

May 20, 2019 PORT TOWNSEND, WA

Race to Alaska, now in its 5th year, just closed its registration and 46 teams will be at the start line.“This is when we start looking at our field on racers for who we think might win and who is going to make a really good story.” says Race Boss Daniel Evans. “The stories and achievements are going to be tremendous.” Daniel points out that sixteen of the teams are under twenty feet with the smallest coming in at fourteen feet. The size of the boat alone will create exciting times for those teams.

The bio list does seem to be layered with adventure-seeking racers. Alex de Sain of Team Extremely Insain has finished both the world’s longest river and inland water races for a stand-up paddleboard. He hopes to cap his resume with what now has been deemed the longest open water race for a SUP in the world. (Not our words). He is one of two SUP racers hoping to do what has only been done once, finish the R2AK on a stand-up paddleboard.

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